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THREE、Computer is stuck in working

THREE、Computer is stuck in working
Update Time:2019-06-05
1、Computer is stuck in network application (online games, webcast, etc.) .

 A. Confirm whether the network speed is OK, is it a network problem;

B.Confirm whether there is any problem with the running application APP;

C.Swap the right memory with the machine for testing ,and then confirm this problem;
D. Swap the right hard disk with the machine for testing,and then confirm this problem;
E. may be caused by the low configuration of the whole machine.

2、 The keyboard indicator is switched and the hard disk indicator is blinking normally,but the display screen is stuck,

A. Confirm whether the graphics card is loose and heat, such as the fan does not rotate properly or the graphics card has a lot of dust. If you have these problems, solve these problems (fix the graphics card, replace the fan or cleaning dust) and then confirm whether it is OK.

B. Replace the right memory, and then use to confirm whether it is OK

C. Replace the graphics card

D. Replace the motherboard