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What to do if the all-in-one computer is stuck?

What to do if the all-in-one computer is stuck?
Update Time:2019-12-09
TWhat to do if the all-in-one computer is stuck?
1, Check your own broadband first if you are slow to connect to the Internet. Upgrading the broadband can make the network speed faster. A sufficiently large broadband network is slow enough to check if it is blocked.

2, the network is too slow, if the broadband is too small, it will be very slow and stuck. Just upgrade your broadband.

3. The computer's memory is not enough. If you don't clear the computer's cache all the time, you will get more and more junk files. This will cause the computer to become stuck. The solution is very simple.

4, the computer virus. Once the computer is poisoned, it will affect the operating speed of the system and make the computer very stuck. Therefore, from time to time, you must use the computer housekeeper to disinfect the computer.

5. There are many anti-virus software installed, and all monitoring is turned on, and monitoring is turned on or off. Frequently checking and killing the virus means that the software or driver is incompatible with the system. Reinstall or upgrade the driver system or have a Trojan horse. Take a look at the system or reinstall.

6, the software is incompatible, uninstall the incompatible software. Generally, the temperature of hardware such as CPU or graphics card is too high to cause the card and crash.