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What to do if my desktop computer won't turn on?

What to do if my desktop computer won't turn on?
Update Time:2019-12-10
What to do if my desktop computer won't turn on?
1. First, check whether the power cord is plugged in and whether the power outlet has power. Then check and tighten all the cable plugs on the back of the host. If this works, you can easily use your computer.
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2. Power problems. First see if the power supply fan is turning? You can put it by hand to the power fan outlet on the back of the host and feel it after power on. If the power is on after the power is turned on, the power is normal. There is another way to check whether the power is normal or not, and that is to check the three indicators of the keyboard (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock) to see if they flash a bit, and if so, the power is normal. Of course, some hosts also provide lights to see if the computer is powered on.

3. Display problems. Generally, this phenomenon is not easy to occur. If you confirm that the host is powered on, the display will not respond for a long time after it is powered on normally. There may be a problem with the display. If it is a monitor problem, please go to a professional store for repair.

4. Memory problems. This problem is relatively common, because the computer is left for a long time, because of temperature and other problems, the device will aging or swell, and it is more affected by dust and smudges, and the memory will have poor contact in the slot. You can remove the memory card from the slot, wipe it with alcohol, etc., dry it, and reinsert it. Power on the host and see if the computer is turned on.

5. Hard disk problem. Mechanical hard disks are prone to failure due to vibration or abnormal use. If "primary masterharddiskfail" appears on boot, the hard disk is faulty.

6, graphics problems. There is no display when booting. Such failures are generally caused by poor contact between the graphics card and the motherboard or a problem with the motherboard slot. If it is a discrete graphics card, you can remove it and wipe it with alcohol. If a display screen appears, this kind of failure is usually caused by the display or graphics card does not support high resolution.