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How to reinstall the computer system?

How to reinstall the computer system?
Update Time:2019-12-13
How to reinstall the computer system?
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1. Reinstall the system with a USB flash drive: make a USB flash drive boot, then insert the USB flash drive, restart the computer, press F2, F9, F11, Esc, etc. (different brands, there are tips on the startup page) to enter the motherboard BIOS settings, and then select Advanced BIOS In the Features option, there is the first boot device to select the USB-HDD mode or USB-ZIP mode, and then press F10 to save and exit to enter the boot menu, and then follow the prompts to operate.

2. Reinstall the PE system: Make a bootable USB flash drive, then download the ghost version of the system image file and store it in the bootable USB flash drive. Insert the USB flash disk into the computer, press the boot shortcut key to enter the main menu interface, and select [02] XXXXwinXpe Standard Edition (new machine) and press Enter. The pop-up program will execute the restore operation window. Check it and restart. Click the OK button. Unplug the U disk, then follow the prompts to reinstall.

3. Reinstall the optical drive system: Press DEL to enter the BIOS after booting. Set the first boot device as the optical drive in the “boot” option, and then press F10 to save the settings and restart. After restarting, the installation interface of the disk is displayed. Select the first entry to start the automatic installation.

Applicable object: desktop computer and notebook computer with optical drive