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Real hammer! NVIDIA three new card exposure

Real hammer! NVIDIA three new card exposure
Issue Time:2018-09-08
   Recently, news about NVIDIA's release of new cards has emerged in an endless stream, but there has been no movement in the old yellow. Now, in the database of the Eurasian Economic Union (ECC), a large number of NVIDIA new graphics cards have appeared quietly. To be exact, different PCB solutions, including the 699 and 900 series, should be game cards and professional cards. The two series each have three types: PG150, PG160, and PG180. This means that at least three new cards are prepared, and there are at least two corresponding GPU cores. From this point of view, the previously leaked PCB board is the PG180, in other words GTX 1180/2080. Of course, the specific naming of the new card is still uncertain, but what is certain is that if the inventory of the 10-series graphics card cannot be cleared, Lao Huang will be reluctant to release a new card. I don’t know if AMD will take the opportunity to take action.
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