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The advantages are significant! Lengend all in one pc.

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The advantages are significant! Lengend all in one pc.
Issue Time:2019-04-08
The advantages are significant! Lengend all in one pc. 

The laptop is easy to carry and can be moved. It is convenient for employees to work in the office area or go out to work directly, but their performance is relatively limited.

On the contrary, desktop computers require a multi-cable display, power supply, keyboard, mouse, etc., which takes up a relatively large amount of desktop space. And, most desktop hosts are very heavy and easy to move. Although the performance is good, there are still some limitations.
With the advancement and development of science and technology, the emergence of all-in-one computer will solve the above problems very well.
In addition to the upper limit of performance is pulled up, there is better scalability and large screen. Only need to connect a power cord, with the use of wireless mouse and keyboard, almost no messy cables can be seen on the entire desktop, and the overall aesthetics is greatly improved.
As one computer can improve the overall environmental beauty, it is more and more able to see it in the hotel front desk, financial real estate company, or government enterprises. At the same time, the employee's work area is not very large, and the advantages of one computer are more obvious.
Today share an all-in-one machine-legend for everyone.It support I3/I5/I7 CPU,has a 2TB hard drive for ample file storage space.8GB DDR4 memory lets you master productivity with twice the speed and bandwidth of DDR3, even with multiple applications open.