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The best MFP in 2019?

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The best MFP in 2019?
Issue Time:2019-08-01

The best MFP in 2019?

An all-in-one computer can provide everything a normal user might need in a single package, instead of using a separate desktop, but supporting the PC hardware provided by the display. In our hundreds of computer reviews, we have encountered a number of integrated models with a variety of useful features, but for a variety of users, from designers to gamers and other users, there are many excellent features One machine

The most impressive feature of the win10 system is its footprint. Avoiding some large contemporary exhibition stands, the triangular shape frame takes up very little desktop space, which means that even a very small surface can be used without taking up it. Only 23. 8 inches, this is not the largest all-in-one, but 1080p resolution and thin borders are perfect for compact but beautiful looking systems.