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How to fix common keyboard troubles and keystrokes?

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How to fix common keyboard troubles and keystrokes?
Issue Time:2019-12-17
How to fix common keyboard troubles and keystrokes?
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Keyboard key disorder repair

Method 1. Press F8 without turning on until the advanced option appears. Let's select "Recent Configuration" and press Enter.

Method 2: If the fault persists, please use the system restore that comes with the system, and restore it to the time when you did not have this fault (if the normal mode recovery fails, please press F8 to enter the safe mode and use system restore).

Numeric keypad on keyboard fails

This is the lowest level error that many novice friends will often make. It is usually the desktop keyboard, which causes the keyboard numeric keypad (0123456789) to fail. Most of the reasons are that you have closed the numeric keypad. You can see if the Numlock key is on. There is a numeric keypad light on it. Press the light on the Numlock key to turn on the numeric keypad.

The solution is as follows:
If only the keypad is locked, press and hold the fn + Numlk key at the same time to switch, and vice versa. There is also a point that novice friends will often be confused. All letters are typed with capital letters. This is because the capital key function is turned on. To cancel, just press the "Caps Lock" key to switch to normal.

Some keyboard keys on the keyboard fail. This is an irregular key failure.

Causes some of the keyboard keys to malfunction. In this case, most of the internal circuit boards of the computer keyboard malfunction. This phenomenon is generally due to dirt on the circuit board or conductive plastic, which makes it impossible to connect between the two. Other factors are also possible, such as: the keyboard plug is damaged, the circuit is defective, the motherboard is damaged, the CPU is not working properly, etc., but it is not the main reason. The former can try the following methods to solve, the latter is generally related to computer failure or keyboard failure is not in the scope of this article.

1. Disassemble the keyboard. Note that when opening the keyboard, make sure that the button side (that is, the side we are operating on) is facing down and the circuit board is facing up, otherwise the conductive plastic on each key will fall off one after another, bringing trouble to your repair.

2. Open the circuit board. The circuit boards are generally made of soft plastic film with button cords engraved on them. Alcohol cotton with a concentration of 97% or more (75% medical alcohol cotton can also be used because I have used it before. But it is best to use a high concentration of alcohol cotton) to scrub twice on the circuit board. Care should be taken several times for the circuit of the button failure part.

3. Check the conductive plastic on the malfunctioning part of the button. If there is a lot of dirt on the upper area, use alcohol to scrub it. Assuming that the conductive plastic is damaged, I suggest that you can replace the conductive plastic on the unused keys to the damaged part. Although this "demolition of the east wall and the west wall" can not make the keyboard perform all the functions, but the most At least can extend the life of commonly used keys.

4. Remove dirt from the inner corner of the keyboard. Tools can be brushes, small brushes, etc., but pay attention to the action to be gentle.

5. Check the soldering module for virtual soldering or desoldering. If you use an electric soldering iron, you can perform repair welding. Of course, this step is only applicable to friends who can use the electric soldering iron, friends who will not use it, please skip this step.

6. Install the keyboard. One thing to note here is that you must wait for the alcohol to evaporate before proceeding.

Some keys on the keyboard cannot be typed

At this time, when the computer starts, the self-test is normal, but after starting, most keys can be typed normally, and some keys cannot be typed. This situation indicates that the circuit on the keyboard and the control interface of the host keyboard are normal. The reason why an individual key cannot be typed may be that the spring in the key seat of the key fails or the key is contaminated with dust. At this time, we just need to open the keyboard and wipe the place where the keys contact the metal with a dry towel. If the spring is broken, carefully correct it. If it doesn't work, we can only change one.

Keyboard interface is broken

Sometimes the keyboard interface is broken and it doesn't matter how you type. In this case, we have to disassemble the keyboard. Remove the keycap, add one or two drops of alcohol, install the keycap, and tap it several times. If you still cannot type, the spring is invalid, repair the spring, or replace the keyboard. In general, after the keyboard interface on the motherboard is connected to the keyboard, it is not frequently plugged in and should not be easily damaged. However, in actual work, the motherboard with damaged keyboard interfaces is very much, most of them are that the host reports a keyboard error when the computer is started occasionally. Press "F1" to continue normal operation, and then the keyboard is sometimes used and sometimes not. In the end the keyboard was useless. Even if the keyboard is replaced, the same fault can be ruled out, and it can be determined that there is a problem with the keyboard interface on the motherboard. Generally, the keyboard is controlled by the south bridge through a dedicated peripheral chip, and some are directly controlled by the south bridge chip. If the peripheral chip is damaged, the keyboard may not be used; if the keyboard, mouse and USB interface are not powered properly, it may also be displayed as the keyboard is unusable; there are also keyboards that can be used but not used because of poor contact of the keyboard interface.

The keyboard is not typing the information we want

When the machine is normally started, when we enter the characters of a key in the input box, the characters displayed on the home key are not the characters on the home key, but the characters on other keys are displayed. In this case, most of the keys are normal. When several keys are input, the characters of the key positions are not displayed, and the characters of other key positions are generally caused by the loose or falling of the wire of the keys, which results in the key code string position. To solve this situation, just open the keyboard, check the key wiring, find the fault location, adjust it properly, and then tighten the screws.

Keyboard dust cleaning

After using for a long time, both the keyboard surface and the inside of the keyboard may be covered with dust. How to clean it up at this time. We can tap the keyboard in turn to let the dust fall out. We can also clean the surface of the keyboard with a damp cloth, but be sure to dry the wet cloth to prevent water from entering the keyboard. The keyboard that has been used for a long time needs to be disassembled for maintenance. Disassembling the keyboard is relatively simple. Unplug the cable plug that connects the keyboard to the host, then place the keyboard down on the workbench, and remove the screws on the bottom plate to remove the keyboard back cover. If you are cleaning the inside of the keyboard, be sure not to wash it with water, because water can easily corrode the metal inside the keyboard. Can be washed with alcohol. You can also use a paint brush or oil brush to remove dust from the circuit board and keyboard keys. I remember one time I didn't know how to wash it with water. I can't wait to use it before it was completely dry, and it burned out completely.

After cleaning or wiping, we can install and restore it. When installing and restoring, please pay attention to the following: wait for the keys, front panel, and rubber pads to dry before you can restore the keyboard; otherwise, the contacts inside the keyboard will rust; otherwise, you should align the positions inside, otherwise the keys will not work Connected