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The advantage is that it can make the classroom more lively. Whether it is children, middle school students, or adult training institutions, they all hope to make the courses more lively, so that the listeners can listen to the lectures more, and can absorb higher training efficiency.

The teaching all-in-one machine is very convenient in the process of use. It can be multi-touch and easy to control. Compared with the traditional teaching projector, this kind of machine is more maneuverable and more flexible during use. , then the second is the sharing of network functions. The teaching all-in-one machine is actually another form of computer transmission. With the wireless network, the content can be expanded infinitely, information exchange can be realized, and the entire lecturer's entire The process is stored in the space for students to review and use after class.

Moreover, the current teaching all-in-one machine is very environmentally friendly in the process of use. In the past, when we used chalk, we can see that many teachers have rhinitis, and students can't stand the feeling of powder flying around, but now it is different. We adopt the design of energy-saving backlight, the radiation is very small, and the power is not large. It is very suitable for training institutions or various enterprises to use such an all-in-one teaching machine. It is also environmentally friendly and has high efficiency.


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