A wave of new Win11 SE / Pro education laptops released

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Microsoft today announced several new education-focused devices running Windows 11 SE and Windows 11 Pro EDU. The recently released Surface Laptop SE is now available for purchase by customers in the education market. In addition to this, Microsoft’s partners including Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu, HP, JP-IK, Lenovo and Positivo have all released Windows 11 and Windows 11 Pro EDU devices for the education market today. Back in November 2021, Microsoft announced Windows 11 SE, a special edition of Windows 11 optimized for the educational experience. Windows 11 SE differs from existing Windows 11 editions, including Windows 11 Education, in many ways. While education has fundamentally changed in recent years, Microsoft remains steadfast in delivering on our commitment to supporting the needs of students and educators today and in the future. Windows 11 offers a powerful yet streamlined, clean and fluid design designed to make communication and collaboration easier. Launched last November, Windows 11 SE ushered in a new era of education. Designed and built during the pandemic to address the most fundamental challenges schools face in the blended learning space, it brings performance enhancements, optimizes resources on low-cost devices for a more comprehensive learning experience, and is easy to deploy and management. Our partners are building a broad portfolio of Windows 11 SE devices that are now available worldwide. Educators will find many form factor options to suit student needs and prices to fit any budget. Learning anywhere, anytime will continue. As schools and systems continue to transform and evolve to meet the needs of students and families, Microsoft and our partners will be there to help solve education's biggest challenges. These new devices support more participatory, collaborative and accessible learning, which means providing the best tools for an inclusive and equitable education.

Windows 11 SE, a learning companion with a tough, innovative design that's built to last. It is constructed to withstand knocks, bumps, drops and spills without damage, whether it falls off a classroom table or dining table. In addition to a versatile touchscreen and stylus, there's a super-powerful 360-degree hinge and a world-facing camera. Other protective features include an all-around rubber bumper and a spill-resistant keyboard. The BR1100F also supports Wi-Fi 6 and optional 4G LTE for fast connections, and boasts AI-powered noise cancellation for high-quality distance learning and conferencing. The modular design makes it easy to service, and antimicrobial treatments on the cover, keyboard, touchpad, and palm rest help keep things clean.


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