Flexible and changeable all-in-one machine to meet the needs of more sitting postures

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Wonderful in both vertical and horizontal directions, high-energy and multi-dimensional all-in-one computer, simple outside and strong inside, born for the elite
i7 9th generation 8G memory 1T HDD 256SDD
Support 180° rotation
Can be converted horizontally and vertically
Support up and down
convenient multipurpose
9th generation Intel processors
Significant performance improvement
Built-in Bluetooth function
Built-in dual speakers
Built-in dual-band WIFI
Connect to the Internet without wires
8G large memory
Program more open without pressure
Flexible and changeable to meet more sitting posture needs
Multifunctional ergonomic lifting and rotating bracket can realize horizontal rotation,
Multi-directional adjustment such as lift and back inclination to meet a variety of usage scenarios and attitudes


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