The iPlay 9T tablet supports 8K video decoding, and dual Type-C computers are here!

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On April 16th, Kubi Cube just launched an iWork GT 2-in-1 PC tablet earlier this month. Now it has announced that it will launch a new tablet that supports 8K video decoding and is equipped with two Type-C interfaces. .

Cube will launch its new tablet iPlay 9T on April 19. Judging from the poster, this product has a thicker frame, the camera is hidden in the long side frame, the two buttons are also located on this long side, and there are two Type-C ports and speakers on the side. It seems that it will also use a good screen.


There is currently no more detailed information about this product. It is expected that the official follow-up will also announce other parameters and selling points, so stay tuned.

8K is not in the bag. I still need a computer for leisure. All-in-one PC/Notebook/Taiwan TV are all good choices!


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